The Subdudes
On January 13, 2018, the Subdudes made their first appearance at AMSDconcerts.

Below are comments received from concert-goers who were at that show.
  • Well....... you did it again! Tonight’s Subdudes Concert was amazing!! I had never heard of them before and on your
    recommendation listened to the link you provided..... liked it and bought tickets for tonight’s outstanding concert!
    Now I have a new favorite group! Thank you so much for continuously bringing new ( to me at least) and exciting
    music to us.  
    [From an AMSDconcerts regular]

  • You hit a "Grand Slam" last night with the Subdudes….one of the best concerts I’ve been to anywhere!!!!
    [From an AMSDconcerts VERY frequent concert-goer]

  • I have seen the subdudes many times before but this concert blew me away. So exuberant and joyful! I loved every
    minute of it, and those last tunes played out in the audience were a fantastic, unexpected and lovely bonus!
    I don’t know if you are responsible for the sound mix, ...but it was clear and beautiful and pristine.
    What a wonderful treat on my birthday. Thank you again for taking the time and energy to help me get the tickets.
    I will keep up with the upcoming concerts schedule, and try to spread the word about what a great venue this is.  
          [From an AMSDconcerts first-timer]

  • Wow - what a night!  The Subdudes are fabulous in every way - exceptional musicians and singers.......their harmonies
    are incredible...... added to great charisma and rapport with the audience. Their music is so enjoyable and the last part
    of the show when they left the stage and played amongst the audience was the icing on the cake!

    This was one of the very best AMSD shows we've been to and that says a lot because we've been to many fine AMSD

    Thank you, Carey, for bringing the Subdudes to AMSD and we hope you will again.  
    [From an AMSDconcerts VERY frequent concert-goer]

  • Carey, 1st time to one of your events- I am a local musician and long time Subdudes fan and that was maybe the best
    live performance I have ever attended- amazing !

    Please do what you can to get those guys back in that venue !
    [From an AMSDconcerts first-timer]

  • Carey - first time I have been to an AMSD show, but I saw the subdudes play in NYC at least a decade ago.  Subdudes
    were INCREDIBLE, so tight, amazing sound, great show!  The experience was wonderful, band great, venue awesome
    for its intimacy, ease of getting tickets, high value for show amazing and all in a fantastic Saturday night in San Diego.
    [From an AMSDconcerts first-timer]

  • Again we bought tickets based only on your recommendation and you hit it out of the park. We were blown away by the
    concert. Beautiful music and a upbeat enjoyable evening. A great start to our new year. Thanks for keeping on
    keeping on.  
    [From an AMSDconcerts regular]

  • My 1st time back in quite some time due to health reasons. I saw Ramblin' Jack Elliot one night and the very next night
    The Subdudes. I saw a legend and the most sublime performance (by the Subdudes) in my 50 years of concert going.
    Fantastic Venue, Fantastic Sound, Fantastic Folks running it all.  Pure enJOYment! Thank you Carey for keeping the
    magic going. After all the great shows over the many years I've seen at AMSD you managed to top even yourself, and
    that is no mean feat. Anyone considering attending an AMSD show...just do it! You will be glad you did.
    [From an AMSDconcerts frequent concert-goer -- back after an absence of a couple of years]

  • I second the sentiments of your first emailer! Again you’ve  introduced us to a band we will be adding to our favorites!!
    Their music is amazing, unique, and we loved them!! Bravo!!
    [From an AMSDconcerts regular]

  • I've been thinking since last night about what to say about The Subdudes.

    This concert encapsulated every reason why I have come to AMSD and why I will be with you to the very end.  I knew
    nothing of The Subdudes.  I read your description and your enthusiasm when you announced their booking and I
    trusted you, as I did with Tom Russell, Dave Alvin, Venice, Jesse Winchester, Geoff Muldaur, and more recently
    Dustbowl Revival and many more that I can't pull up at the moment.  Many of these have become my favorites and I
    would have never known to seek them out without AMSD.  As much as I love listening to the stories from people like
    Ramblin' Jack, Barry McGuire, Jerry Jeff, Janis Ian, etc., it is the discovery of someone that I never know that is the
    prize for me.

    The Subdudes are now new favorites.  In fact, I came home and listened to a full additional 90 minutes of one of their
    live CD's from another time.

    It is the combination of musicianship, songwriting and an obvious love of performing that makes for an excellent
    concert and they had it all.  They are obviously skilled musicians; they obviously like each other; and they enjoyed
    being there...even playing at a high school.
    [From an AMSDconcerts regular]

  • Great show last night Carey.  Their Roots music style is pretty unique and we really enjoyed the concert.  Very nice to
    see a full house too!
    [From an AMSDconcerts regular]

  • I ditto whatever was said below. I only owned the Subdudes' first album on cassette many years ago. But I've never
    forgotten their music and that listening experience. This concert renewed my love of their sound plus deepening my
    appreciation of their talent and virtuosity and humor. Can't say enough so I'll leave it at that.
    [From a long time AMSD concert-goer]

  • Carey, I first heard the Subdudes on the radio around 1996, and I immediately called the radio station and asked "Who
    was THAT?!"  Luckily they had just released their Primitive Streak, and were touring so I got to see them within a few
    months, and I was BLOWN away.

    I have seen them only one other time since then, and I am SO grateful to you for bringing them to San Diego again.
    The show last night exceeded my expectations, it was wonderful. I love the way they focus on the SONG instead of
    effects and such.

    Such wonderfully rich stories delivered so powerfully, emotionally and lovingly. What a treat!  Their harmonies were
    amazing, and their warm friendly demeanor made me fall in love with them all over again.

    Thank You Carey!

  • We really enjoyed this concert.  The Subdudes approach to their music was interesting and infectious.  The blend of
    New Orleans influences with tight harmony, intriguing instrumentation and clever arrangements made for a great
    evening.  Let’s get them back.  Maybe two shows?

  • What an amazing show!  Thank you so much for accommodating Isaac, he ended up having the best seat in the house
    :-).  And kudos for finding this venue (my first time here).  I appreciate all that you do.
    [From an AMSDconcerts first-timer]

  • I too loved the Subdudes! Such an eclectic sound...zydeco, jazz, doowop, classic rock. Great harmonies, guitars,
    percussion and accordian. And the last songs done acoustically in the! The couple who got my
    tickets sat next to me and are huge Subdudes fans plus it was her birthday. Thank you for making it happen
    [From an AMSDconcerts regular]

  • As I  said to you last night, not only was the music great but your mix and soundboard were spot on. I've loved the
    subdudes for years, but tonight was magical.  And the ending was surprising and added warmth to the night. Great
    show and great night. Bring them back!
    [From an AMSDconcerts regular]

  • I have been a Subdudes fan for many years.  Seeing them in your venue was very special indeed.  I hope they come

  • Great concert by the Subdudes Saturday night…everything we expected and more.  Thanks for bringing them in.  They
    have joined my AMSD Hall of Fame Concert List (Rodney Crowell, Leyla McCalla, John Jorgenson Quintet, and now
    [From an AMSDconcerts regular]

  • We attended Saturday's Subdudes concert and were simply blown away. All four band members were exceptional
    musicians and their vocals were spot on. Particularly impressive was guitar player-lead singer Tommy Malone. His
    flexibility was awesome to witness as he transitioned from flatpicking to employing the slide, as each individual tune
    dictated. As has been mentioned, the mingling of the band with the audience was a nice personal touch. We will
    definitely return If and when the 'DUDES' make their second appearance at AMSD.
    [From an AMSDconcerts regular]

  • Saturday night's Subdudes Concert was top quality.
    I want to thank you for the excellent seats we had, great view of the band. The sound system was strong and the
    [sound] professionally mixed.  This all supported a great performance by the Subdudes. It truly was a treat to enjoy
    such a special group of musicians in this intimate venue.

    Thank  You for putting on such a great show!

  • Everyone in our party thoroughly enjoyed the subdudes. This was an awesome concert. Thank you very much.

  • We've been fans since 96 but never saw them live. We can't say any more compliments than the others! An absolutely
    exceptional show! Ridiculously tight harmonies & musicianship. We were overwhelmed! Thanks again for bringing
    them to town. Now we may have to track them down in NOLA.

  • My husband and I had a wonderful time at the Subdudes on Saturday evening.  Dan is longtime fan, first time to see
    them live!  Your sound was impeccable!  Another magic evening at AMSD!!

    Just bought tickets for John Gorka…another fav!

    Thanks for all you do to make AMSD the special concert series it is!
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