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QUOTES and COMMENTS re: The Music Series
"What started as a one-time event in 2003 has blossomed into one of San Diego's
most engaging music programs."
~ Performances Magazine (Dec. 2004)

"I need the right venue for an acoustic show...I talked to people like Ramblin' Jack Elliot
and Al Kooper who said this series was great."
~ Dave Alvin (Nov. 2005)

  • Hi Carey, we sure loved your place, and thanks a million for having us. (Kevin Welch [and Kieran Kane])

  • We had a fantastic time, there isn't a better music series in California! Everyone in your organization is super cool. Can't thank you
    enough. (Paul Lacques -- I See Hawks In L.A.)

  • Carey, my friend, we would be honoured to play for you again. Our date with you @ R&R church was really the highlight of our Cal tour
    last year. ( Jeff "Stick" Davis - Burrito Deluxe)

  • I have been meaning to thank you. You were a great host. Total class. All the way. (Terri Hendrix)

  • YOU did a great...well organized and sound worthy job. I may have a rep for being demanding...but I can be a very strong and faithful
    supporter of someone who does it RIGHT -- and you did it RIGHT -- Keep it up. Anybody that is pulling off a live music venue as well as
    you deserves a goddamn Grammy. Its Guerrilla Warfare out there and we need you...San Diego has needed a great accoustic venue for
    fifteen years.......onward (Tom Russell)

  • We loved the venue and had a great time, and I think we will really build a nice following in San Diego. (Eliza Gilkyson)

  • The country needs another 150 people like you (Geoff Muldaur)

  • I really enjoyed (and appreciated) being the first artist in what promises to be a great series, which I think is an invaluable addition to the
    San Diego music scene. (Jack Williams)

  • I appreciate the effort and the heart that you put into the music and trying to make it happen... I enjoyed meeting you and playing for you
    and everybody (Darryl Purpose)

  • I was very pleased with the response in San Diego. You were great to work with and (I'd) love to come back. Thanks again for all your hard
    work on the show! (Chuck Pyle)

  • Wow, you are getting some nice acts! (I'm) looking forward to it. (John McEuen -- who has now played for us twice)

  • Carey, this is a VERY cool thing you're doing. I had a GREAT time, and can't wait to return (Mark Erelli --who HAS returned -- and will do
    so again)



  • Thanks for providing so many great concerts, including some of the finest concerts I've ever been to.  ( Bill B.)

  • We had a great time the other night. I had never heard/seen Al Kooper before. I like his stories. At one point I felt like I was a part of that
    show "In the Actors Studio", but more like "In the Musicians Livingroom." Very Intimate! (Maureen C.)

incredible lineup you've had--and are going to have.

  • I'm three for three (Teng, Hendrix/Maines, Strawbs) with my favorable AMSD experiences and will continue to try and spread the word...I
    think the acoustics are terrific...Anyway, I reiterate my thanks and utmost appreciation for what you're trying to achieve and bring to San
    Diego's cultural table. (Kenny W.)

  • Mike and I have appreciated the opportunity to hear diverse and gifted musicians through your concert series. (Kate O.)

  • Thanks for all your hard work in getting performers like Jorgenson to San Diego. Jorgenson's concert last night was the best I've seen all
    year...truly awesome! We'll be back! (Claudia G.)

  • I wanted to send a quick note to let you know that I absolutely loved the John Jorgenson show. I have seen him before and know how
    talented he is, but this show was amazing! (Jody R.)

  • Just to tell you that the show I saw on Sunday Nov 14 [Jeff Black] was awesome. The music, the sound, the ambiance ... it is all exquisite, a
    rare gem. So this email is just to thank you. (Serge)

  • Mark (Erelli) was just as great as you said--I came home with a wonderful CD--thanks and congrats on another successful concert! (Kelley

  • Chuck (Pyle) was so personable and his songs paint a picture in my head I feel like I am there. His voice and words inspired me and
    touched my soul. Thank you for all your hard work to bring us these wonderful people. (Debbie B.)

  • Thanks again for the energy to create great high quality music in an intimate venue here (Stephen L.)

  • The Geoff Muldaur concert was definitely one of the best things we've attended in the past few years. The opportunity to see one of our
    favorite artists "up close and personal" was extraordinary. Thanks so much for making this happen. (Cynthia S. and Paul W.)

  • I feel like this (the Geoff Muldaur concert) was an historical event and I was in on it. Bravo! (David M.)

  • I had a wonderful time, this is exactly the kind of music group I've been looking for (Katie D.)

  • ... they'd be great in an intimate setting like you're providing. (Marlene Z.)

  • It has to be the best value in town considering the prices at other venues ... And a fine concert space to boot. (Bruce L. and Linda B.)

  • We really appreciate what you do to bring this type of music to S.D. We'll see you at the next concert. (Tony and Katie P.)

  • We plan on coming back (Bruce C.)

  • We liked the Center - nice sized room - good parking. You had made the stage look friendly - which can be a challenge. All the name-
    tagged helpers were very nice and welcoming. We were happy to be there. (Paula S.)
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"What started as a one-time event in 2003 has blossomed into one of San Diego's
most engaging music programs." ~ Performances Magazine (Dec. 2004)
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